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Characteristics include

High barrier A-processing:
1. Using the high barrier A-processing, which can extend the shelf life of the contents and effectively reduce the likelihood of food being destroyed due to its expiry. This in turn reduces our waste of resources.
2. Using the high barrier nano anaerobic treatment (A-processing) replace K-type, reduces the use of chlorine substance (PVDC).
3. The water-based nano material of high barrier A-processing is not inclusive of chlorine toxic substance, reducing the hazard to our health and the ozone layer.
4. It can extend the shelf life of products.
5. It can preserve food original flavor. Ensures that the product can protect its contents from being degenerated or losing nutrition due to oxidation with air penetrating through the bag.
6. It can separate the residual organic solvent of the laminating layer to avoid cross-contamination to the contents.
7. It is “made-to-order” and thus no product model number is available.
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Suitable for use as packaging material for products of various industries.