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Company Profile

Taipei Pack Industries Corporation established in 1982 is located in Taiwan, Taichung City.

Now the company has six plastic producing lines, and is a famous color-printing plastic flexible packaging

enterprise all over the world, the company went through the ISO 9001:2000 System,

passed the SONY Green Partner Certificate and had 12 of well trained, qualified environment management

to conduct rigorously hazardous substance control required by ROHS or international standards.

In the future, we will faithfully cater to growing global market needs through ongoing Research

and Development and products diversification.

Our business are extending quickly thanked to our products' good quality, fine design.

If you have any need in this field, please freely contact us for our e-catalogue with detailed pictures

and information.

Corporate History

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Corporate History

March, 1982 US$640,000.00(NT16,000,000.00)
~Plant opened in Su-Lin Industrial Zone

May, 1984 US$1,040,000.00(NT26,000,000.00)

February, 1985
~Acquired plant in Taichung, Taiwan (total area: 13,465 sq. meters)

June, 1985
~Acquired Offices in Taipei (headquarter)

September, 1987 US$1,240,000.00(NT31,120,000.00)

February, 1988
~New automatic production line completed, Taichung Plant

April, 1988
~Acquired Employees' Dormitory .

June, 1989
~Estab. branch office in Kaoshiung

December, 1990 US$2,420,000.00(NT60,000,000.00)
~Estab. branch office in Taichung

Auguest, 1993 US$4,000,000.00(NT100,660,000.00)
~Company Assets:Land-13,465 sq. meters Factory Space-4,000 sq. meters
~Facilities Include:7-Color Printer、Dry Laminating Machine

October, 1994
~Acquired Office in Taichung-Ta. Chia (Headquarter)
~Estab. branch office in Shanghai

Dec. 2004
~added the newest system control two and three side sealing bag machines.

August 2006
~the second factory extended.

Jan 2007
~purchased the newest system control back sealing bag machine.

Quality Control

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Rigorous Quality Control

Qualtiy is a foundation of an enterprise's perpetuity, a responsibility forever and a power driving for competition.

In rder to ensure quality excellence and competitive edge, Taipei Pack has constantly introduced various

sophisticated inspection instrument for quality control.

Insisting on Quality Is a Tradition at Taipei Pack

Taipei Pack deeply understands that a high class packaging does not only depend on beautiful design

to attract consumers, but more important is the packaging material must comply with

international environmental protection standards.

In addition,the packaging material must also comply with quality standards.

To ensure Taipei Pack's packaging materials fully meet the international standards,

Taipei Pack has set up a total quality control system some years ago,

which provides rigorous quality control at each step throughout the entire production process.

Basically Taipei Pack's quality control system includes material incoming inspection,

on-process inspection and final product inspection.

For defective products we use statistical analysis to thoroughly analyze various factors causing defect.

All problems will be solved immediately combined with tracing and auditing to

avoid defective problem occurs again.

Our great efforts in quality control have won full recognition and satisfaction

from many famous manufacturers in domestic and overseas.

Sparing No Efforts for Environmental Protection

Nowadays,the environmental management system is being conducted actively around the world.

To meet this trend, Taipei Pack employed 12 environmental administrators.

Qualified environmental management experts working at various departments in Taipei Pack.

With their expertise, Taipei Pack is able to rigorously conduct poisonous substance control required

by ROHS standards.

Taipei Pack Has Environmental Protection in Mind Certified by Japan SONY Green Partner

Today the environmental protection is rigorously required than ever before in the world.

Consumers and governments have attached much importance to the environmental standards

of the packaging materials.

Recognized by the majority for its "Environmental Concern" concept, Taipei Pack has paid much attention

to the details of environmental protection requirement.

Taipei Pack adapts nothing but only the packaging materials that fully meet environmental protection standards.

In addition, we also send our staff to attend the training programs of ROHS and WEEE,sponsored

by the Plastic Development Center.

Until now, we have won 12 certificates of environmental management supervisors.

They apply their expertise to the company's conduct of environmental protection standards.

In addition, Taipei Pack has been certified by Japan SONY in environmental protection.

Taipei Pack is one of the 28 qualified suppliers in the world that supply packaging materials to SONY.

All these fully prove that Taipei Pack's efforts in environmental protection.

Production Management

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Integrated Manufacturing Process

In order to upgrade the in-house quality control capability, product quality consistency and production efficiency,

Taipei Pack has constantly introduced advanced equipment to the production lines.

This enables us to gradually establish more comprehensive and higher efficiency manufacturing process.

From artwork design,printing to bag forming are completely conducted by each department in Taipei Pack.

In addition, the factory layout and production lines are well planed combined with the conduct of modern production

management system.

We also thoroughly conduct the “7S”management system to ensure Taipei Pack's entire production system achieve

international standard.

Our outstanding production management system also provides a competitive edge for Taipei Pack's products.

R&D Capabilities

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Shape new Competitive Edges with Innovation

One reason for Taipei Pack packaging materials are fully satisfied to all customers is our total dedication

to the new technologies.

In particular, in recent years out newly developed high-tech packaging materials have been fully recognized

by the high-tech electronic manufacturers, and widely applied in the packaging og wafer an IC products.

Based on the extensive experience combined with theorem,our R&D staff constantly develops new materials

to fully meet customer's requirements.

Under the company policy of "Constant Innovation & Breakthrough," we will strive harder at a fast step.

We are committed to always present new products to meet the rapid-changing market demands.

Grained Film (Boarding Trunk)

Taipei Pack applies the specially treated grain technology to the boarding trunk.

With the application of special effect of silver color, the entire product will feature increased design quality and

unique when comparing to conventional boarding trunks.

Business Concepts

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Quality Policy :

Taipei-Pack quality system , the guarantee for perfect packing material , enterprise co-prosperity.


Environmental Protection Policy :

Improvement product into green system regulation ,

provides the non-toxic packing material ,

protect consumer's health ,

the responsibility to reduce the earth warm problem.


The NBA Five Essences and practice diligently (take it seriously)

2.tacit understanding of the team (continuously enhance fighting strength of team) aid while working ( help each other anytime while working and online )

4.strict but impartial discipline (clear rewards and punishment, serious attitude while working)

5.enjoyment of contest (enjoy the job and see the factory as your home)



1. Sierra :
seiri to sort the necessary and unnecessary things clearly.

2. Sexton :
seieton to place the necessary things in the fixed position with fixed quantity and be labeled.

3. Season :
seiso to clear the working places and equipment without dirt.

4. Seekers :
Seiketsu to keep the clean state after cleaning and reorganization.

5. Shiatsu :
Shitsuke to obey the discipline of each section, form a good habit and execute certainly.

6. Safety :
Safty to be watchful anytime and without making danger.To report and solve the problems.

7. Saves the Energy & Reduced carbon dioxide :
Starts from the intravenous drip, Completes the industry reject classification and the recycling,close the light,

Closes the vetilator, Closes the motor, when the temperature arrives aboves 28℃ only then

to operate the air conditioning, Changes to the province oil transportation vehicle,

On the production line reserches and develops reduces the carbon newly made regulation.